Quick Apps 

A Quick App is a simple on-line process to submit cases to select carriers. Enter minimal information on the carrier’s website and an examiner will contact the customer, complete the full application and schedule the paramed appointment. Click here to begin!

New Non-Medical Underwriting Guidelines!

Many carriers are implementing much larger non-medical limits. This is especially helpful during the COVID-19 crisis, when scheduling exams is much more difficult. Click here for a summary of the new underwriting rules!

  • AIG has exciting term premium reductions in every state! Lower rates on Select-a-Term for face amounts of $250,000+. Visit aig.com/termlife for details.
  • PruLife Index Advantage UL (PruLife IAUL) just become more attractive! It delivers enhancements that improve its competitiveness and the death benefit plus cash accumulation story you can tell your clients. Click here to see what’s changed.
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  • Prudential is now offering life insurance exam laboratory results timely and accurately through a secure and convenient online tool. Learn how!


Visitors Insurance

  • No Age Limit & No Medical Exam required
  • $50 Dr Office Co-Pay Benefits on select plans
  • PPO Network: 100% coverage on select plans


Health Insurance

Open Enrollment is now closed. Click on the links below to see if you qualify for a special event or to explore individual and family plans.